Our company is based on three fundamental pillars: economic, social, and environmental factors. For that reason we incorporated the three basic principles of any leading company in its sector: Quality control, safety protocols, and environmental protection.

This dedication is an important part of how we achieve our goals and analyse trends. For this we rely on our qualified staff who excel in their respective fields.

Our management considers these principles to be of the highest importance, and in consequence we invest into material and human resources alike. Our staff is in continuous training.


EUCONSA is a logistics provider whose main mission is giving its clients a guaranteed and efficient transport service for chemical bulk products in liquid or powder form.

As part of the commitment we have towards our clients and all parties involved, our company considers quality control, environmental protection, as well as workplace safety and health measures a priority in our business practices. Compliance with current transport regulations for chemical goods is ensured by involving our employees on all levels. For this purpose the company is built around an integrated management system which guarantees fulfilment of the highest standards in all the aforementioned areas.

We are approved by the quality management certificate ISO 9001.
Our quality management system has been certified since 1999. Its operational structure is well documented and integrated into all processes in order to match and exceed the quality of service we offer to our clients. Our mission is to plan, control, and improve all aspects of our work that translate into our clients’ satisfaction and are key to fulfilling the goals the company has set for itself.

Environmental management, according to ISO 14001
Environmental management system, certified since 2018, which aims at implementing an appropriate economic balance, rational use of resources, as well as environmental protection and conservation into our company’s activities. Of equal importance to us is continuous monitoring of current laws, norms, and reglementations.

Occupational Risk Prevention, according to ISO 45001.
Occupational safety and health management system, certified since 2019, which ensures a continuous improvement and implementation of risk prevention measures related to the work of our employees and the fulfilment of current reglementations. This is vital for establishing the appropriate work environment, with fair labour conditions, for our staff to work in dignity and to participate in the improvement of their safety and health conditions.

SQAS plan (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems). Since 2001 Euconsa is evaluated in SQAS, a mechanism that ensures fulfilment of quality, safety and environmental requirements that have been defined within the chemical industry for its providers. Our cleaning stations in Algeciras and Catalonia are also certified with SQAS.


EUCONSA is committed to the environment and its conservation.

Managers and personnel share the responsibility of achieving a level of development friendly with the environment. Company’s activity is performed taking into account the following environmental policies:

  • Ensure the compliance of the environmental legislation using the different internal control measures applicable to all our procedures.
  • Minimize CO2 emissions through intermodal transport.
  • Identify, understand, evaluate and prevent the effects our activity has on the environment using the corresponding action plan.
  • Maximize resources lessening impacts by applying the management, reuse and recycling programmes.
  • Preventive maintenance of the fleet and machinery to minimize contamination risks.
  • Guarantee the understanding of environmental goals and policies by every member of the company making campaigns of ecological awareness and periodic evaluations.


On september 25, 2015, world leaders agreed on a list of global objectives meant to erradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for everyone as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

There are 17 objectives, and each objective has specific goals to be met in the following 15 years. There is a total of 169 goals that define the vision for 2015-2030.