EUCONSA has to your disposal several kind of tank containers, cisterns and dry bulk boxes for intermodal transport or for on road transport of your products. All of them are equipped with the most advanced security measures as handrail, connection for the recovery of gases or pressurized of the tank from the ground, and the opening and closing of the bottom valve from the side, guarantee a loading and unloading process 100% reliable.

1. Tank containers for liquids both ADR and no ADR

  • Capacity from 15.000lts to 36.000lts
  • 20, 25 and 30 feet

2. Tank containers for liquids transported at high temperature

  • Maximum temperature 200ºC
  • Heating system and thermal insulation

3. Tank containers for gas transportation

  • Pressure test up to 26bars

4. Bulk containers manufactured in aluminium

  • No need for liner
  • Easy cleaning

5. Bulk containers for loadings with liner

  • Specialized in loadings of powdery products in single-use liner, which eliminates any risk of contamination
  • Capacities of 56.000lts

6. Tank containers

  • Stainless steel tank trucks for liquids with capacities up to 33.000lts
  • Aluminium tank trucks for powdery products with pressurised unloading

7. Container chassis

  • 20’ chassis
  • 30’ chassis
  • 30’ till chassis with rotary valve
  • 40’ chassis